Proofreading Services

Cost: $0.005/word

($50 minimum for all projects)

I will review the final draft of your fiction novel or short story for any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, and will flag any inconsistencies, redundancies or plot holes that arise. Manuscripts must have already undergone, at minimum, a full round of self-editing before proofreading can begin.

Genres that I generally work with include romance, dark romance, fantasy, paranormal and some young adult. I do not offer services on non-fiction or horror manuscriptions.

Please note that I cannot provide any corrections to foreign languages used. I will not fact-check the content of your story unless specifically agreed upon.

All edits will be provided via the Track Changes function through Microsoft Word. Turnaround time will be dependent on manuscript size, but most projects will be returned within 5-10 business days. Any deadlines will be discussed prior to accepting your submission.

I accept payment via PayPal, which is due within three days of receiving your edited copy.